Alexis & Marcella

a few days ago, i had the awesome opportunity to photograph these two lovely ladies at the Pabst Brewery. don't they look stunning? find more images on my facebook page... Lovely Incident Photography


Baby Bishop

a few days ago, i had my first baby photo shoot! it was so exciting & fascinating. baby Bishop was so sweet, at a mere 6 weeks old! look at him holding his own head up! he even let us dress him in a giraffe hat and matching booties. here's a superrrr cute shot of him - at this point he was pretty much done playing dress up.... what a champ!


a few weeks ago, joe and i took a trip to st.louis, missouri to see radiohead. i've wanted to see them in concert since i became a fan at the age of 15. the show was incredible - they did not disappoint! here are a few pictures from our trip.. as you can see i've been madly obsessed with instagram. :)


happy pups!

how sweet are these doggie prints!? they make me smile! you can find them at Pibble Slobber Studio!


super pretty engagement rings

how stunning are these rings?! made in lil' old milwaukee, by Samantha McIntosh! very cool, indeed!


happy valentine's day!

wishing everyone a super magical, daydreamy day.....

... and some music for your heart!


think i just found my next diy...

best fascinator hat ever.


happy friday

..and the hippo was allergic to magic..